This summer the storm of emotions will overwhelm not just football fields, but also dancefloors. And the reason behind is Music.Football 2018, exceptional project with international stars of the electronic stage. On 15th of June within that festival “Bessonitsa” hosts techno-forwards and main adepts of the ‘desert sound’, American duo Bedouin.

Brooklyners Rami Abousabe and Tamer Malki are into an unusual business. With their music they are trying to marry East and West, introducing on the big venues original Middle East tunes, providing them with an up-to-date techno bit. Critics have already chosen a definition to the Bedouin’s style, baptizing it ‘desert sound’. The popularity of that sound is fast gathering popularity. It was first really tasted on Burning Man – Bedouin are always warmly welcomed there. Than ‘desert sound’ took over Ibiza: WooMooN parties in the Cova Santa beach-club made a lot to promulgate this style.

Thanks to Rami and Tamer’s good grace, this style has seriously interested the leader of Crosstown Rebel Damien Lazarus – Bedouin is now released on that label. By the way, the latest release of Abousabe and Malki is to be closely overlooked. ‘Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun’ – is an unusual re-edit of the classical track of Pink Floyd; unstandard and really captivating musical experience.

In 2018 Bedouin carries on conquering the world. This summer they are doing their own showcases on Ibiza, every Sunday their Saga is hosted by Heart club. It seems, that their version of ‘desert sound’ is already truly popular…