This summer, a flurry of emotions will overwhelm not only football fields, but also club dance floors. And all thanks to Music.Football 2018; unusual project with the participation of international stars of the electronic scene. On June 15, as part of this festival," Insomnia "hosts techno-forwards and the main preachers of the style "desert sound", American Duo Bedouin.

The brooklynites Rami Abusive and tamer Malki is doing an unusual thing. Their music they try to" marry " East with West; to withdraw on big dance floors original middle Eastern melodies, shift them the actual techno-bits. Critics have already picked up the style of Bedouin appropriate definition, they call it ‘desert sound’. The popularity of" desert music " is rapidly gaining momentum. For the first time it really tasted at the festival Burning Man-Bedouin there frequent and dear guests. Then the ‘desert sound’ captured Ibiza, party WooMooN at the beach club Cova Santa has done much to promote this style.

With the light hand of Rami and tamer this style seriously carried away and the head of Crosstown Rebel Damian Lazarus, - releases Bedouin now go on this label. By the way, the last EP Abusaba and Malki worthy of close attention. 'Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun’ is an unusual re — Edith of the classic Pink Floyd track; a non-standard and extremely exciting musical experiment. In 2018, Bedouin continue to take over the world. This summer they are already holding their own show cases in Ibiza, and every Sunday their Saga is hosted by the Heart club. It seems that their version of 'desert sound' is already really popular…